Dream of: 08 July 1990 "Down By The River"

My brother Chris (13-14 years old) and I were in the back seat of a car being driven by my father. We were on Symmes Creek Road, on our way to the Gallia County Farm. When we arrived at the one of the bridges over Symmes Creek about a kilometer east of the Farm, I saw that the road was covered with the muddy water from the Creek. I wasn't surprised because I had known there had been a flood. I thought we wouldn't be able to continue any farther, but my father began driving right into the water. I thought driving through the water was extremely dangerous, because the water was deep in places and the car could sink. And Chris, who couldn't swim, might drown. As my father continued through the water, I decided that if the car started to sink, I was going to grab Chris and try to save him.

To my surprise, my father made it through to the other side. As we continued on, I saw some movement in some of the water which was covering one of the fields we passed. When we drove closer, I clearly saw an alligator or crocodile in the water. It was three or four meters long. Then I saw a second shorter one behind it. I had never seen crocodiles here before and was surprised. Perhaps someone had owned them as small pets and had turned them loose.

Finally we reached the Farmhouse and walked in. I immediately saw my step-grandfather Clarence and told him about the crocodiles. He thought they were in the field behind the House and indicated he would try to kill them. But I didn't want to see them killed. I thought perhaps there was some way I could capture them, perhaps with a net.


Although I still seemed to be at the Farmhouse, I seemed to be in a public building in another country. Seated at a table, I spoke with a woman sitting near me. She was perhaps in her 50s. I finally asked her where she was from and she said she was from Bonser Run. I was amazed at that because I knew Bonser Run was near Portsmouth, and I told her I was from Portsmouth.

At first I thought Bonser Run was Carey's Run, my great uncle Curt lived, and I thought she might know Curt. But then I realized Bonser Run was the dirt road where my father had been born and where my second cousin Don and his family still lived. In fact a person who was apparently Don's wife, Diane, was sitting near us, and I asked the woman if she knew Diane. But she didn't. I described the house where the Don and his family lived. I said it was probably the fourth or fifth house on Bonser Run and was on the right side when one was traveling into Bonser. The woman didn't seem to know exactly where I was talking about, but apparently she lived close to the Don and his family. I thought it would be amusing if she just lived across the street. She told me she had never been to the end of Bonser Run and she didn't know where it ended.

She and I stood up and walked outside. I put my arm around her. I wanted to act romantically and even felt somewhat romantic toward her, even though there was a wide age difference between us. We found a sofa and sat down. I tried to pull her close to me, but she refused and pulled away. We rose and began walking again. We seemed to be on a walkway in a building which was leading to a large river. Finally we walked outside as the walkway continued. Many other people were also around us, and all seemed to be going to see the river.

Since we were in another country, I thought about speaking another language with the woman. I began speaking German and asked her if she was able to speak German. Apparently she could speak some, so I continued talking in German. It felt quite good. I enjoyed speaking German.

We reached some steep rocks on the river's edge. The river seemed covered with crushed ice. It looked dangerous, and although everyone else was going down to its side, I didn't want to go.

The woman however began the steep descent to the river's edge. When she reached the edge, I decided I wanted to leave. I didn't want to wait for her to climb back up, even though I thought she might need my help because it was much more difficult coming back up than going down. In fact I saw one man having a very difficult time trying to pull himself up over the last rocks at the top as he tried to climb back up. I didn't really see how the woman was going to be able to do it.

But I left anyway. Part of the reason was because I was concerned about Chris. I knew I had left him and I wanted to get back to him. Besides, I knew the woman was looking for her family there and that she would probably find them. Apparently her son and his family were somewhere in the crowd. And I didn't want to meet them. However after going a ways, I became concerned about the woman and turned back. But before making it back to the river, I saw her with her family. They didn't see me, so I turned to leave. I didn't want to have to meet them.

But suddenly over a loud speaker I heard a deep male voice call out my name. I immediately knew it was the son of the woman speaking. They were looking for me and wanted to tell me how to find them. But I really didn't want to see or talk to them and hoped I could get away without having to.

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