Dream of: 07 July 1990 (2) "Pyramid Puzzles"

I was in a car being driving by Wheat. He pulled up in front of a house on a street which seemed to be in an Hispanic section of town. The humble homes all looked as if they were made of adobe. I saw some young, Hispanic women and thought Wheat must have pulled up to visit them. I even thought they might be prostitutes.

We both stepped out of car and walked into one of the houses, where a woman (perhaps 50 years old) was seated. Obviously Wheat knew the woman well. Wheat and I sat down at a table across from each other and the woman handed him two pieces of jewelry which he then handed across the table to me. I was unsure why he was giving them to me, but I thought he might want me to keep one as a gift.

One piece appeared to be a gold bracelet with a number of strands of gold which came together at one end. It was quite handsome and well done. The other piece looked more like a necklace. It was quite long and appeared to be made of black beads. At one end was a piece of silver shaped like a bird, probably a crow. I thought about how birds had become symbolically important for me, and how this crow could be significant for me. Yet I still liked the gold better, and decided if Wheat was offering me one or the other, I would choose the gold.

But then he asked for them back. I thought he was going to choose one for himself and then give me the one left over. But finally I realized he had just given them to me to look at and that he had no intention of giving me either one.

Finally, realizing that the woman was running a little shop out of her home and that she had more items which we could peruse, I rose and walked over to a cabinet to look at some of the items. Wheat went with me. I had the feeling the woman trusted Wheat completely, so he could look at or touch anything. In the cabinet were a couple wooden sculptures shaped vaguely like pyramids. They were actually toys which could be taken apart like puzzles and put back together. They were obviously hand-made and had no instructions with them. I thought they would be difficult to put back together if they were taken apart. I didn't want them.

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