Dream of: 06 July 1990 "Streets Of New York"

I was walking the streets of New York City. Although unsure exactly what I was doing, I enjoyed walking, and I continued for quite a while. After walking a long time, I saw a newspaper and picked it up. I read about a new type of bed being tried out in New York City. The beds, which had only recently been installed, were no more than small cubicles. A person would pay a small amount and could then use the bed for fifteen minutes, an hour, or whatever amount of time was desired. I thought I would like to try out one of the beds. My only concern was whether the beds would be clean. I was uncertain how they were kept clean. I didn't have to worry about luggage, because I didn't have any with me.

I looked around to try to figure out where I was. I saw that the downtown section of New York was far behind me. Knowing that I had started from downtown, I realized I had walked a far distance. I began walking back in that direction, but then realized I should take a bus instead. I crossed to the other side of the street to catch a bus.

But instead of waiting for a bus, I walked into a store. It was almost empty. I saw some women's clothing for sale. A woman came up to me and said it wasn't time for the store to open yet. I walked back out thinking to myself that the stores in this section of New York must operate without having much merchandise in them.

Back out on the street, I encountered someone and asked where the sleeping booths were. The person told me the sleeping booths were in downtown New York and were located outside on the sidewalk. They were supposed to be located in front of a large Kresge building.

I stood and waited for bus. When it came I got on and walked to the back. There in the bus I discovered some of the sleeping booths with people sleeping in them. But when I reached around to pull out my billfold, I discovered a black man standing there with my billfold in his hand. I yelled. "Thief! Thief!"

I wrenched the billfold from him and ran to the front of the bus. The black man pulled out a knife and followed me. When he tried to stab me, I grabbed him and knocked the knife out of his hand. As I was holding him down in the stairwell leading off the bus, another man ran toward me with a knife in his hand. But another person grabbed him from behind and knocked the knife out of his hand.

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