Dream of: 05 July 1990 "Conservatives In The Church"

After entering a church, I found a bed and television in a room where someone apparently was living. I lay down on the bed and pulled out a remote television control which I had been carrying with me. I used the remote to turn on the television, which I watched for a few minutes, but since I was concerned someone might discover me and have me arrested for trespassing, I rose and left.


I went to the Ressinger House (a two-story frame house in Portsmouth where my great-aunt Dorothy Ressinger and my great-uncle Adolph Ressinger [Dolph] lived when I was a child). It seemed to me I had left some marijuana in the house, and I wanted to retrieve the pot, but I didn't want to run into Dorothy or Dolph. After walking through the front door, I thought I could see Dolph far away in the back room. When I thought I also saw Dorothy, I quickly left, hoping no one had seen me.


I later returned to the Ressinger House and found Ramey living there. He gave me a small baggie of marijuana, enough for five or six joints. I left with it, rolled some joints and smoked it.

A few days later I again returned to the House and found Walls there with Ramey. They seemed to be my good friends, and I mentioned I would like to go to Florida with them. They seemed to think we should all just take off on a trip to Florida. When I asked Walls if he had any marijuana, he pulled out a rather large baggie of marijuana. Wanting to buy some, I asked him how much it would cost. He told me it was $250, which I thought too high.

Thinking I might just buy part of what he had, I asked if he would take $125 for half, and he said he would. I told him I only had about $25 with me, and he said that was all right, that I could pay him later, that he trusted me. I poured the marijuana out onto some paper and divided it into two stacks. I picked the seeds out of it, holding the paper and taping it so the seeds rolled to one end. I thought I might plant the seeds. I put my marijuana into a bag and prepared to leave.


I was on Waller Street in Portsmouth, next to Portsmouth High School. I had been walking around smoking quite a bit of marijuana. Quite a few cars were parked there, one of which reminded me of a car which Dale (an old Portsmouth schoolmate) used to own. At first I thought the car might even belong to Dale, but finally I concluded it probably didn't. I noticed another car which contained some very large sleeping bags, almost as big as the car.

Across Waller Street (where the funeral home normally stood) there now appeared to be a church. A gathering was taking place and I thought of going, but it appeared everyone there (most were in their late teens and early 20s) was straight and didn't use any drugs. I could see them sitting and standing around some tables. They all appeared to be clean and neatly dressed. Thinking I wouldn't fit in with such conservatives, I walked on by without stopping.

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