Dream of: 30 June 1990 "Snow Goose"

A wild goose had landed near me and I had been able to catch it. Its feathers were pure white and it was obviously quite young. It was quite slender, more like a stork than a goose, and I identified it as a snow goose. Although it spread out its large wings and pecked me with its thin beak trying to escape, I held on. I was convinced that there weren't many such geese left in the world and I wanted to keep this one to try to protect it. As I walked along with it, I thought I might be able to find another one and actually raise geese.

I looked at it more carefully and saw that its beak was scratched in several places. I didn't think it had been scratched just by being with me, and imagined the scratches had come from previous episodes. Perhaps while flying something had hit it. The goose finally closed its eyes. I hoped I was holding it right so I wouldn't injure it in any way.

Finally I arrived at a building, and upon going in I let the goose loose in the room. It flew up to the ceiling. Some other people were also in the room. I ran to the next room to shut an open door. I came back just in time to see the door close and the goose fly up to the sky. I asked what happened and someone in the room said the goose had pushed the door open itself.

I ran outside and fell on my back in a grassy area, looking up at the blue sky, searching for the bird. I couldn't see it anywhere and thought it must have flown behind a large building which was blocking my view. What had happened to it? Would it survive? I thought it would, but I still wondered if it would find a mate and have offspring. I was glad to see it free, but I thought it would have been better if I had been able to keep it.

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