Dream of: 20 June 1990 "First Flower Of Spring"

Several other people and I were stranded in a building in an area covered with snow and ice, obviously a polar region. We were hoping someone would come to rescue us, but apparently no one knew we were here. One day I went out walking through the snow and came across a red car parked in the snow. I remembered one of our members had previously driven off in the car and had never returned. I went to the passenger side of the car and pulled on the door, which came off in my hand. I threw it down, looked inside and saw the dead body of the man who had been driving the car. He was probably in his early 20s. I quickly pulled out the body and threw it over in the snow. I then got in the car, intending to try to start it, even though I thought the chances of it starting were practically nil.

But to my surprise the car fired right up. I revved up the engine a few times and then began driving through the snow back to the building.

Through my mind flowed Images so real it was as if they were actually happening. I thought of how we could escape in the car. We would need gas. I remembered some heavy machines, such as bulldozers, were in the building. Perhaps we could siphon gas from them. If we couldn't find a hose for siphoning, we might have to actually disassemble the heavy equipment and remove the gas tanks to reach the gas.

Others images flowed through my mind having to do with the cold and with hunger. We had run out of food and I imagined our surviving by eating our leather shoes. I could see us cutting the leather into small pieces and chewing on it for a long time so it could be swallowed. It didn't seem so bad. I also imagined one of the fellows there wearing a black leather jacket and thought he might have to give it up to be eaten.

But that would mean he would need another coat to wear, because if we left the building, everyone would need warm coats. I thought of how we might just set off walking through the snow. It seemed as if it was winter and perhaps in the spring the snow would start to melt. I could see us trudging through the snow, finally coming to a neighboring farm and seeing the first flower of the spring. It appeared there was still hope.

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