Dream of: 30 May 1990 "Endangered Falcon"

I was a large bird, probably an eagle, and was living with several other birds in a forest. For some reason, none of us had had anything to eat for several days, and we were all becoming hungry. One of the other birds which was as big as me flew with me to a nearby lake to see if we might find some fish there. We saw that one of our fellow birds, a falcon, had come to the lake before us and was flying through the air with a small fish in its claws. Surveying the lake, we saw a few fish floating on their sides, and quickly realized the lake was poisoned and that the fish likewise would contain poison. The bird with me and I quickly decided that we must snatch the fish from the falcon, or the falcon would be killed.

We swooped through the air in the direction of the falcon, who likewise was flying, approached and tried to take the fish from the falcon. The falcon thought we were simply trying to steal the fish and resisted. I grabbed the fish with my claws, but the falcon held on. Finally I pulled the fish and the falcon down to the lake and held them under water. But the falcon wouldn't let go and I finally had to let the falcon out of the water for fear it would drown.

Suddenly the falcon grabbed my claw with its beak. But my claw looked like a human hand, and the falcon stuck the entire thumb of my right hand into its beak and bit down hard. Although there was no pain, obviously the falcon could definitely damage me. I flew around trying to shake off the falcon. But it continued to clamp down on my thumb and wouldn't let go.

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