Dream of: 29 May 1990 "A Lifted Burden"

Apparently I had arrived at my class reunion. I was in a large room filled with folding chairs, some of which were occupied by people whom I didn't recognize. Finally, after sitting down, I realized Peggy (dressed in pink) was sitting in a chair directly on my right. She was facing me; when I turned to look at her, she seemed happy, as if she had been expecting me.

She was quite pretty, and although she seemed friendly, I didn't know what to say to her. So instead of opening a conversation, I simply handed her a batch of typewritten papers which I was holding in my hand. They contained the dreams I had had of her over the years since high school. I had prepared them especially to give to her at the class reunion.

I thought she would think it strange I hadn't had many dreams of her until the 1980s. What would she think about the dreams revealing I had liked her when I had been in junior high school? I didn't stay to talk with her. After giving her the papers I simply dismissed myself and walked away. I felt a bit disconcerted because I hadn't talked to her; but I felt as if I had accomplished what I had wanted to. A certain burden had been lifted from me.

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