Dream of: 28 May 1990 (2) "Car Crash"

My brother Chris and I were riding in the back seat of a spacious large gray car. In the front seat was a man driving the car, and a woman on the passenger side. We were traveling through the Rocky Mountains, and had come to an icy stretch of road. We traveled down one small slope only to find that when we started up the other side, we were unable to go up. The fellow backed up and prepared to go as fast as he could to try to go up the slope. We sat and watched as another car made it up the hill.

But I felt uneasy with what he was trying to do and I stepped out of the car. I put on a jacket which I had with me, but then saw that I also had my gray jacket, along with someone else's jacket and a belt, lying on the back of the car. I picked them up.

The driver then gave the car some gas and he took off. But when he started up the slope, he apparently either misjudged or lost control, because he missed the road and started up the side of the hill. The car began curving to the right and finally ran off the hill, twisted in the air several times and finally crashed on its side. It looked like a serious accident, although I hoped no one had been hurt. When the car landed, it fell into a ditch so that only the driver's side of the car was visible. I ran to it, wanting to extract Chris from the back seat. When I arrived, I saw the woman in the back seat pounding on the window trying to escape. I tried the door, but it was jammed. I couldn't see Chris.

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