Dream of: 23 May 1990 "Flying Horse"

I was walking down a country dirt road which had flat fields on both sides and no houses in sight. Along the right of the road ran a rather deep ditch which I began looking into. I saw some trash there and finally noticed what looked like a girlie magazine. I stopped and looked more closely, and determined that it was indeed a girlie magazine, and that it looked like a rather new one, perhaps even a recent issue. It looked as if the name of the magazine was "Adam." I wondered if someone might have recently bought the magazine and then thrown it away the next day, just as I would do if I bought a girlie magazine. Next to the magazine I noticed what appeared to be one of the newspaper tabloids sold at newsstands. I thought it might also have pictures of nude women in it.

Hesitating and looking around to see if anyone might see me, I finally reached into the ditch and picked up the magazine and paper. Although they were a bit crumpled, I smoothed them out and began looking first through the tabloid. It did indeed contain some pictures of women. However they weren't nude, but were dressed in white lingerie. I quickly began flipping through the girlie magazine and discovered a section with pictures of a nude woman, although I didn't really focus in on it. I flipped on through the magazine and was surprised to see different sections with pictures of nude men. It occurred to me that the magazine was for women instead of men, and the first picture I had seen of the nude woman was the only one of its type in the magazine. I could see the penises of several different men and wondered if there would be pictures of one man performing fellatio on another. But I didn't see anything like that.

Suddenly I thought I heard voices and quickly threw the magazine back in the ditch. I noted where it was and thought if I wanted it, I could come back for it later. I looked around, trying to see where the voices were coming from. I couldn't see anyone, but thought a farmhouse must be nearby and that people were talking there.

Just as I started to walk again, I noticed more magazines in the ditch, a whole stack tied together. The magazines looked as if they might have been there for a while and might have become damp. I reached down, pulled them out and began taking some from the stack. I then realized they were all comic books. I was delighted and thought I would keep them. I thought that although I no longer collected comic books, I still had quite a few at home, and I could add these to the ones I had. Perhaps I would begin collecting them again.

I began looking at the cover of one and saw that it was a western. The entire comic just contained one story, and it said something about this story being the first one that this particular author had ever had published in a comic book.

I opened to the first page and there saw the picture of a cowboy on a horse flying through the air, perhaps across a canyon. It intrigued me that the cowboy and horse would be flying like that, and I thought I would like to read the story.

But at the moment, I was more concerned with seeing what the other comic books were about. I began taking them from the stack and saw more westerns, as well as some silly type comic books. I began laying them out on the other side of the ditch, hoping they would dry out and be all right.

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