Dream of: 20 May 1990 "Sinking In Sand"

I had gone to Colombia to live. I walked down a street looking for a boarding house which I had visited before. I wanted to rent a room to live in, a small room which wouldn't cost much. I thought if I were very frugal, I would have enough money to live on for quite a while. But I was still very concerned about my financial situation. Finally I saw the house and walked up to the door. Some kind of price list was written on a piece of paper hanging on the door. I looked it over and then walked on.

I soon boarded a white car with a woman and a fellow whom I knew. The woman was driving. We were thinking about going to a movie and when I looked in the paper, I saw that some German movies were on at a nearby theater. It looked as if we had already missed one of the movies, but we decided to go anyway.

As the woman drove, she came to an area where some construction work had been done on the street. As she started to go across a part of the street which had been dug up and filled in with sand, I hollered at her not to do it. But she paid no attention to me and she drove onto the sand. Immediately the car turned onto its side and began sinking. All of us were barely able to climb out of the windows.

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