Dream of: 18 May 1990 (2) "German Movie Theater"

It appeared that I was in Germany. I was feeling a bit depressed because I was almost out of money. I walked into a movie theater where I thought I had once been a long time ago, and I approached the ticket booth. But after I asked for my ticket, the woman appeared to be having some kind of trouble, and she walked away. Behind the counter I could see that the drawer with her money in it appeared to have been left open. If I dared, I could probably simply reach back there and take as much as I desired.

I looked to see where she had gone -- she had disappeared behind a curtain, apparently searching for someone to help her with her problem. I continued to hesitate, vacillating about whether I should try to take the money. My stronger sense told me not to do it. Finally after some time, the woman reappeared and walked behind the counter. She opened the money drawer which was filled with rolls of what appeared to be golden half dollars. Each roll would have been worth quite a lot. But if I had taken them, they would have bulged out of my pockets and I might have been caught. So I was satisfied with not having taken anything.

When I was ready to go into the movie room, the woman handed me a flat box which looked like one a pizza might come in. But instead of pizza, it contained some freshly backed bread, more like rolls. I walked into the movie room thinking how good it would taste. Not many people were here, and the back five or six rows were empty, except for some coats on some seats at the end of the last row. I took a seat, sat down and prepared to eat my rolls.

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