Dream of: 18 May 1990 "Shark In Muddy Water"

Carolina and I were in a small car which I was driving, when we came to a bridge over a large river. Only after driving onto the bridge did I realize just how small the bridge was. It looked more like a foot bridge with a narrow plank, painted blue, for a floor. The span from side to side only seemed about a meter. Our car was able to fit because it likewise was small, almost like a toy car.

We soon stepped from the car, and looking around, became alarmed because what railings there were, were so low that a person could easily fall over them into the swirling muddy water below. I feared for both Carolina and myself. But my attention and concern was also drawn to other people on the bridge a group of children being led by a woman (perhaps in her 30s). The children (each probably only 5-6 years old) appeared to be part of a class of some kind. They were all crossing the bridge, and seemed to be having few problems.

I looked down into the brown water below us. It was quite foreboding. It appeared there had been a flood and the water was higher than usual. It appeared to me that if someone fell in it, there would be little chance of survival. But something even more ominous caught my attention. I distinctly saw a shark swimming in the water. It surprised me, but my eyes clearly didn't deceive me.

Turning my attention back to the bridge, I saw that one little boy appeared to be standing up on the low railing along the side of the bridge. Before I could say anything else, he suddenly toppled off and plummeted to the water below. I was transfixed as I watched him sink below the surface. I knew the shark was there and would probably quickly attack him. But I knew it would also attack me if I jumped in and tried to save him.

Almost at the same time, the teacher also saw what had happened. In an instant, she jumped off the bridge after the boy. In the confusion, another small boy either jumped or fell into the water. All the while I stood debating whether I should likewise jump in. By now I couldn't see anyone below me; if I did jump in, I wouldn't be able to find them anyway. And then I would be facing the danger of the shark. And there it was! I saw it again, bigger than ever, swimming just below the surface. I began seeing one of the two boys appear and then disappear on the surface of the water. At one point he looked like a tadpole swimming around.

Finally I could see what looked like the second boy swimming in the direction of the shark. The shark turned toward him; all I could see was a swirl of white water, like a whirlpool. It definitely appeared that the shark had attacked the boy and taken him under.

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