Dream of: 15 May 1990 "Planning My Escape"

I was in a prison, apparently in Iran. I was being kept in a large room with perhaps 40-50 other men, each of which had his own bed. Over a period of time, I noticed that some of the prisoners began disappearing: they were escaping. In fact it looked as if it would be easy to escape; I didn't see any guards, and the windows only had some screens which could be easily raised. Through the windows I could see that the prison was next to a town which was only about a block away. Many people were walking on the streets; if I escaped, I could head in that direction. Beyond the town I could see high mountains.

What would I take if I left? I had my flute with me and thought I would take it. But then I thought the flute might be too cumbersome and it would be better to leave it behind and buy another one later.

I only trusted one or two people in the prison. I talked to one person one day to tell him I had noticed some of the other prisoners had escaped. I pointed out that nothing had ever been done by the prison officials about it. Another fellow walked up and wanted to know what we were talking about. But I didn't want him to know, so the fellow with whom I was talking and I walked over to a window and continued talking. As I explained to him my plan of escape, I looked up and saw that the other fellow had come over outside the window and was listening to us; he had heard everything I had said. He quickly said he wouldn't reveal my plans to anyone.

Later that day I decided to walk out of our room to the town just to see if anyone said anything. I walked across the street to the town and someone hollered that the prisoners weren't supposed to cross that street. But still no one came after me. I began thinking of exactly how I would make my escape. If the other fellow accompanied me, we would travel by night and sleep in the day. It would be dangerous, but I thought we stood a chance of making it.

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