Dream of: 10 May 1990 "Broke"

I had returned to Ohio and gone to the House in Patriot where my mother was living. I gradually realized I was planning to stay there with my mother, and that at the moment I had no job and no money. My mother and I had a short argument about what I was going to be doing, and I felt quite depressed because I didn't have any money. I remembered that just the week before I had paid out $250 to people to help me in my work in Texas. And now I didn't have anything. Perhaps I might be able to go to Gallipolis and find work. I might just be a clerk and charge $15 an hour, although I knew that was very cheap.

I decided to go upstairs to one of the bedrooms so I could be alone. Once upstairs, I was surprised to find my mother lying in the bed in the front bedroom. She didn't seem to want me around; I felt confused about what to do. Perhaps I would try to go to the Gallia County Farm.

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