Dream of: 09 May 1990 "Trounced Snake"

I was apparently living in an apartment building, and had gone from my floor to the floor below me to take a bath in a bathroom shared by the tenants in the building. After getting into the bathtub and soaping down, I began thinking it was a bit dangerous here, because anyone could come up here from the street and possibly attack me. Plus the appearance that no one lived on this floor made me feel even more uncomfortable.

Nevertheless I lay on my back in the water in the tub, and noticed through the bathroom's open door a couple women (probably in their early 20s) standing in front of a door down the hall. They didn't notice me at first, but finally one saw me and waved. More women gathered until quite a number were standing in the hall, some looking toward me. I debated a moment, and finally stood up naked right in front of them. Two or three kept looking at me as I stepped out of the tub, walked right over to the door and began drying off in front of them. Finally one even walked over to the bathroom and came in.

I shut the door and began talking with her. Our conversation hadn't proceeded far when a slender black-haired man (probably in his late 20s) burst into the room. He was obviously the boyfriend of the woman with whom I was talking, and he was furious that she was with me. He took her out and returned in a fury. He whipped his belt off and threatened to swing it and hit me. I immediately told him that if he hit me with the belt, I would have him arrested. But that didn't deter him and he swung at me. I grabbed him and a struggle ensued. In the frenzy of the fight, the man somehow turned into a small black snake, and I was able to put a cup over him on the floor. I moved with him and the cup out into the hall. I knew I was superior to him and as some of the women watched, I took the cup off the snake and began hitting it and stepping on it, trying to kill it. I obviously wounded it with my blows, but it moved quickly and got away from me. But I was unworried because I knew I had trounced it.

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