Dream of: 20 April 1990 "Tu Has Errado"

Together with some women who seemed like my mother and my grandmother Leacy, I had gone to a place where pictures apparently were going to be taken of us. With us we had a small child who seemed to be a girl (about 2 years old). Although the child had behaved well before arriving, when we reached the place and it was necessary for someone else to take charge of her, she began screaming and struggling as loud as she could. Nevertheless the person where we had arrived took the child.

The rest of us walked into a fairly large room where seats and couches were arranged in rows headed toward what looked as if it might be a lowered stage in front. I only saw one free couch, the second from the front, and suggested we sit there. But the others wanted to sit farther back. I decided therefore to sit by myself and moved toward the couch. It was pushed up almost against the couch in front of it, and I had to struggle to get into it. A woman was standing in front of the couch; I thought she might be going to sit on it. Plus there were some things lying on the couch which made me think it might already be occupied. But there was still obviously at least room enough for one person, so I sat down on the end.

I soon began hearing singing and although I couldn't see anyone on the stage, thought it must be coming from there. It didn't take me long to realize that the singing was gospel music, songs familiar to me, only that they were in Spanish instead of English. I felt quite moved as I listened to the songs. I closed my eyes and even felt a bit like crying, except I really didn't want to in front of all the people. I also felt a bit like singing along. At one point I heard words which sounded like "tu has errado" and related to the words. The music then changed to English, apparently in an attempt to achieve audience participation. And indeed some people in the audience began sighing lowly. I distinctly heard Leacy's voice. As she sang along, she sang one word differently from the way it was being sung in front. Either she or the singers said "bad" which was different front what the other had sang. She corrected herself and went on.


I had gone to my office which was apparently in the same building where the singing was going on. I was supposed to have several appointments with clients that morning, and as I sat there waiting, Richhart walked in. I may have been drinking some beer before he arrived, and soon we both had glasses of beer in our hand drinking. I had a large desk in the room which I moved out so we would have more room. We only drank one beer, but both of us quickly felt the effects. Richhart said if he drank three he would be intoxicated. I felt the same way, but felt that just by having drunk one beer, I was having difficulty functioning well. Finally we stood and walked out together. Apparently while we had been in the office, I had somehow missed three appointments. A client showed up and Richhart excused himself and left.

The client was a short thin Japanese man (perhaps 45 years old). As I showed him into my office and he sat down, I realized I was tottering slightly and had difficulty maintaining perfect balance. I didn't think I had drunk that much, yet I still couldn't seem to maintain myself as I wanted.

I was also somewhat concerned by what the Japanese man would think about there being no desk in the room. But I thought it would be all right because there were two comfortable chairs for us to sit in, and I didn't really see the need for a desk.

After the man was seated I walked back outside into the hall. Actually it seemed a bit like a motel or convention center; people were gathered around different areas. A short way from my office, several people were sitting at a table. After a while I realized a man dressed in black on one side of the table was going to hypnotize someone on the other side of the table. As I walked away, I heard the hypnotist talk in a low, rhythmic tone, obviously designed to begin the hypnosis. After I was out of hearing of the hypnotist, I became so curious I turned around and went back. I looked at the people at the table more closely. The hypnotist was wearing a black cape or coat, a white shirt and a small black bow tie. The person he was hypnotizing seemed like a fairly young boy. The hypnotist gave directions as he talked slowly, trying to put the boy to rest. The hypnotist also told the boy not to do something which he was doing.


I seemed to have been on bus which got caught in some water. The water came up over the bus before I could get some of my possessions out of it. I scrambled trying to pull some clothes out. But below the clothes was something valuable of mine which I couldn't seem to get to.


I was in a house with perhaps 20 other people. I realized an old man in a nearby building was somehow going to start killing people in the house. In fact, I began thinking the man who would to the killing was one of the people in the room with me. It seemed that it would be interesting, as if a mystery story, to determine who the person was doing the killing. Suddenly a man walked in carrying the body of a black man. The man threw the body on a table and I recognized the man as someone who had been in the room just a short while earlier. It seemed as if his name was Smith. So, the killing had begun.

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