Dream of: 15 April 1990 "Vishnu"

I was in the rear section of what appeared to be a cruddy little restaurant. It seemed as if I were homeless and trying to find somewhere to stay. I was carrying a loaf of bread, and as I opened the bread package over top a large garbage can, some bread tumbled into the can. At the same instant, my father walked through the back door of the room and looked at me. When he spotted the bread in the garbage can, he evidently thought I was eating garbage, and after glaring disdainfully at me (as if this was just what he would have expected from me) he wheeled around and walked away.

Feeling degraded, I walked to the door, looked out into the parking lot, and saw that my father had boarded an old green Nova, just like one I used to own. I tried to remember whether I had sold the car to my father. As he pulled out, I noticed the car had been wrecked on the driver's side, leaving a gaping hole in the driver's door. The rear fender had also been bashed in. Recalling that Kay, my father's flouncy second wife, had wrecked one of his cars, I wondered if this were the car she had wrecked. Since I had heard that the car which she had wrecked had also been damaged on the front passenger side, I tried to glimpse the passenger side as my father pulled away; but I couldn't see it.


Still homeless, searching for a place to live, I went to visit my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel, who began showing me through a small shed cluttered with junk. As we wound our way through the mess, we spotted a black snake about a meter long lying on the floor. I chased the snake around the room until I finally pinned it with my bare foot. I didn't think it could bite, and even if it did, I knew it wasn't venomous. To my surprise, the snake managed to twist its head around and sink its teeth into my foot. I tried to shake off the viper, but it clamped its mouth tighter. The fangs didn't hurt, but I definitely wanted to be free. I began striking the snake until it let go and slithered over to a white circular upright water heater. As the snake crawled into the bottom of the heater, I wondered how I could force it out. If I could capture the serpent, I might put it in a cage and keep it. I might even like to have several snakes in cages.


I went to the Gay Street House, and walked up the back stairs. I was thinking about religion, trying to find a quiet place where I could be alone to concentrate. I was thinking about how I believed in just one God, in contrast to some religions, such as Hinduism, which maintained the existence of several different gods. But I also thought that in the Hindu religion, the god Vishnu was regarded as the supreme god. Thus Vishnu seemed somewhat similar to the God in which I believed. As I reached the upstairs and opened the door to the back bedroom, I thought I would simply like to sit and meditate on Vishnu; I hoped no one would disturb me there. The room, devoid of furniture, seemed to be a storage room with different objects sitting around on the floor. I walked over to a corner and sat down to meditate. Just as I sat down, however, I thought I heard someone at the door. I hoped whoever was there wouldn't see me.

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