Dream of: 14 April 1990 "Sick Dog"

I was in a house which seemed somewhere near Portsmouth, in which Jon and Cathy were living. In the front room Jon was feeding several of his dogs, one of which was a large German Shepherd which seemed as if it wanted to attack me. But actually it was only concerned with eating. Cathy was also in the room and as Jon fed the dogs, she commented about how Jon was going to take one of the dogs to live somewhere else. I was surprised to hear that Jon was actually going to give one of his dogs away. But then Cathy clarified that Jon wasn't giving the dog away he was simply going to pay someone to keep the dog because it was sick.

Cathy was wearing what looked like a nice gray suit. She and I walked over to the top of some steps in the room and talked about law. Although she had gone to law school and had been a lawyer for quite a while, she had never actually practiced law. She told me she was thinking about practicing international law. I told her I was thinking of the same thing. I also told her I had recently had an encounter with a female lawyer who had done a terrible job, and that Cathy would surely be able to do better if she tried. Cathy seemed very diffident about actually working as a lawyer; but I thought she could do it if she would just put her mind to it.

Jon began getting ready to take the dog. I was thinking about going with him and finally said I would. I thought the place where he was going was out in the country and it would take about an hour to get there. Jon asked me why I wanted to go and I told him I didn't have anything else to do. But since it sounded like he didn't want me to go, I finally told him I wasn't going to go.

It then occurred to me that I didn't have a car with me, and that actually my car was broken down. I needed to work on it, but it was about ten miles away, out toward Rosemount where I apparently lived. I thought it would have been nice if Jon could have helped me fix the car, but I didn't want to ask him now. But I was unsure how I was going to get to Rosemount. Maybe I would just walk.

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