Dream of: 03 April 1990 "Wooden Horse"

I was with my father and my mother in a car which my father was driving through a mountainous area. As my father took a road which meandered up and down over the mountain tops, I became enthralled by the beauty of the scenery. When I noticed that many of the trees had been cut down, however, I said something about how man had simply come into the area and chopped down the trees. Many large trees had been cut down to make way for a power line which stretched across one mountain. Some extremely large logs were piled atop the mountain; one log was placed to hold the agglomeration of logs from rolling down the mountain.

Sensing that my father was driving too fast, I asked him to slow down, but he wouldn't and he continued racing over the mountains. We ascended one mountain speckled with ornate old houses and as we passed one house, my father said my grandmother used to live there. I concluded that my grandmother Mabel apparently used to live in the house when she had been growing up. I asked my father to stop, but he wouldn't - he just kept going. When we finally reached a town, we began circling through narrow streets on both sides of which stood small shops selling various items. Since it was Sunday, however, all shops were closed. We continued to the very top of the mountain, where we finally found a small shop which was open.

My father circled around the shop and finally stopped. My father, my mother and I stepped from the car, walked into the shop and looked around. The shop contained many stuffed animals, one of which was a large black mountain goat lying on the floor. The stuffed goat cost over $400. I continued looking around until I saw some live animals on the shelves. There was even a live pony on the shelf which I began petting. It liked the petting.

On the floor stood a sculpture of a large horse which had been intricately carved out of wood. A bit taller than I, the horse was standing on it hind legs. My mother said something to a woman running the shop about how expensive everything was. I continued admiring the horse for quite a while until we finally left.

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