Dream of: 18 March 1990 "Haggling"

I was with several other people in the kitchen of the House in Patriot. All the people were relatives of my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence. My grandmother and Clarence (who were living in the House) had both become ill and were expected to die. My father was there, and with the others, he was trying to decide how to divide my grandmother's and Clarence's property when they died.

I became quite irate that everyone was talking of dividing up the property before my grandmother and Clarence had even died, and I told the others what I thought. I mentioned that my grandmother and Clarence would probably die within a few days of each other because they were so attached to each other. Finally I angrily left the room and walked upstairs to where my grandmother and Clarence were in bed.

First I looked in on Clarence, who was in a bed in the back bedroom. He looked as if his condition had improved and he moved around a bit in the bed. Since it seemed that he had previously not been able to move at all, I thought he might be getting better. He might live for a long time yet.

I next walked over to my grandmother, lying in bed in the front bedroom. I climbed into bed beside her, pulled the covers over us, and laid my hand on her bare stomach, which was quite fat. I was accustomed to getting in bed with her, and felt comfortable doing so. I wanted to ease any suffering she was going through and I didn't want her to know of all the haggling over her property going on downstairs.


I was in the kitchen of the House in Patriot. I had recently been involved in a violent war and the kitchen had been the scene of the battle. I had been wounded in the battle, but had recuperated to the point where I was now ready to fight again. Two or three other men were with me, and I was their superior in command. I was a good superior, although my recent injury had debilitated me. Now, however, I felt as if I were ready to be a soldier again.

Suddenly I saw Chuck Bacheller running away from us with something in his hand. When I shouted for him to stop, he hesitated, then stopped. I approached him and he laid down what he had, a group of perhaps 50 envelopes, which I immediately concluded had been written to men who had been fighting in the battle which had taken place here. I was upset with Chuck for apparently trying to take the envelopes. They had many return addresses on them, and several had a big blue label across the top with white letters which spelled "Bankruptcy." I remembered that during the battle many soldiers had been able to declare bankruptcy while they had been wounded and had thus been able to obtain some relief for their suffering.

I knew that many of the men whose letters I had in my hand had been killed, and they would now never receive the letters. But I felt some responsibility in trying to deliver the letters to the men who were still alive. But where were the men? I walked back to the place where I had seen Chuck pick up the letters, and found a large hole with still a few more letters in it. I fished them all out and held them in my hands.

Just then another group of German soldiers marched past the door. They stopped, looked in and demanded to know what I was doing. They were the Germans who had ultimately won the battle and who were now in charge. But the side I was now on was allied with the Germans, so I didn't think there would be a problem. The Germans spoke in German, and I understood. I began to fantasize of what it would be like if I were in this situation and the soldiers spoke Persian. Although I had once understood Persian quite well, I had completely forgotten it. I probably should refresh my memory of Persian, because I could some day once again be in a situation where I needed it. I would probably be traveling much in the world and would probably need to know a few words of many languages. I thought the one word I would probably need to know most was "what," which in Persian I thought was "que." I also thought the Italian word for "what" was pronounced "que." I would probably need to know some Italian also.

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