Dream of: 16 March 1990 (2) "Drug Test"

I had gone to a place to pick up the results of a drug test which I had taken and which I needed for something. The test was supposed to reveal whether I had been using any illegal drugs. About a month before I had taken some kind of hallucinogenic drug, but I thought by now the drug would be out of my system and it wouldn't show up in the test. After walking in to the place, I was handed the results of my tests. On the paper were listed six or seven different types of drugs. The test revealed that I had a small amount of each of the drugs in my system. The maximum score on the test was twelve hundred, and I had received a score of two hundred and thirty something. Technically I could have passed the test because I didn't have an extreme amount of drugs in my system. But I did have some. I tried to decide what I should do about the test. I was unsure whether I would wait and take it again, or if that would be the end of it.

Another fellow I knew had also taken the test, and he had been shown to also have some drugs in his system.

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