Dream of: 16 March 1990 "Most Important Thing"

After meeting each other somewhere, Cosby (a former law school classmate) and I sat down and talked with each other. I asked him how he had been. I said I had heard he used to work for the Texas Supreme Court, and he said he had. I told him I was now living and working in Houston. He told me where he was living. I asked him what he liked about what he was doing now, and he began making a long list of all the things he liked about what he was doing. Everything on the list had a dollar value to it. He listed how much he was making at his work and how much his house was worth. He made a list of about 20 items. I was quite surprised because he had never been the kind of person so concerned about money. But now everything in his life was concerned with money. I said something to the effect that money wasn't the most important thing in life. But money certainly seemed to have become the most important thing for him.

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