Dream of: 11 March 1990 "Arsonist"

I was in a hurry to get to the courthouse in Weatherford, Texas, because I had a criminal client who was supposed to enter a plea of guilty to the judge. When I arrived and entered the courtroom, it looked much more like the interior of a church. The judge was seated high on a bench at the end of a long aisle with pews on both sides. I raced down the aisle toward the judge, suddenly realizing I was barefoot and hoping the judge wouldn't notice and send me out. My client (a tall thin fellow probably in his 30s) was standing on the left. Standing on the right was Jon in front of perhaps 20-30 people. It took me a moment to realize that Jon was here to conduct a wedding in front of the judge, and that the people were waiting for me to take care of my plea first.

I quickly reached the bench and looked up at the judge. I handed him a sheet of paper which had a crossword puzzle on it. One of the vertical words on the puzzle was supposed to contain the name of the crime with which my client was charged. I was supposed to have finished the puzzle so my client could plead guilty to the crime, but I hadn't done so, and I was now hoping the judge would simply allow my client to plead guilty and then the judge would tell us what the crime was. The judge handed me back the paper and told me I would have to complete the word first.

I quickly walked over to the side and began working on it. Jon soon joined me, because he couldn't conduct his wedding until I had finished my plea. Together we began trying to fill in other words on the puzzle so we could get letters in the space where the crime word was. Gradually we filled in some letters, and finally I realized the word was "Arsonist." We walked back to the judge, moved some letters around one more time to make the word read correctly and showed it to him. He seemed satisfied that we could now proceed.

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