Dream of: 10 March 1990 "Two Italian Cities"

I seemed to be lying on the floor of a rather large room. All around me were many other people also lying on the floor, and apparently all of us were sleeping here. Finally, noticing a large bed to my right, I rolled under it. I looked up at the metal springs over me and seemed to have sufficient room to stay here. I even began imagining it might be safer sleeping here, because if someone came in and started shooting a gun at the people lying on the floor, I would probably be overlooked and not shot.

As I was about to become comfortable, however, someone walked into the room, sprung onto the bed and began jumping up and down on it. Although the bouncing around caused the springs to move downwards on impact, they still weren't touching me. But I wanted to know who was up on the bed. I scooted back to the head of the bed, which was against the wall. In the wall was a rectangular recess so I could pull myself up behind the head of the bed and look onto the bed. I did so, and thought I saw a blonde-haired woman of uncertain age on the bed. I sank back down to the floor, remaining in the recess.

After only a short time, another woman crawled under the bed and scooted up close to me. I immediately recognized her as Cathy Thompson (a former schoolmate  from high school). Apparently she and I were involved romantically, because she snuggled up close to me and I put my arms around her. We talked for a while, and I finally mentioned that she had an accent. I guessed it was Italian, and she said her mother had come from a certain district in Italy, and she named two cities between which her mother had lived.

I liked being with her. She was perhaps 30 years old and had a very pretty face. I especially noticed her large lips, which I found quite attractive. I thought we would probably end up spending some time together.

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