Dream of: 04 March 1990 (3) "Abandoned Car"

I had been talking to someone about a rather old white car which someone I knew owned, and which I thought he had abandoned. I had thought I had seen the car sitting in a field across from where we were, but now I didn't see it there. We left and latter I drove by the field again, and there I now saw the car, a little distant from where I had thought it was before. That must have been why I hadn't seen it before.

I stepped from my car and walked over to the white car. Someone had put some kind of large jack under the car and raised it up into the air so that it was over my head. All four tires were flat and two had been taken off. One rear tire had been replaced with what appeared to be a bicycle tire. It looked as if the car had been driven into the filed, had gotten stuck in the mud, and then the tires had gone flat.

I thought I might be able to repair the car. But then I thought that I shouldn't do it unless I had actually bought it and gotten the title in my name.


I was standing it what appeared to be an old gas station talking with some other people about the car. One fellow who appeared to be working in the gas station also appeared to be interested in the car. But it looked as if I would have first opportunity to buy the car if I wanted it. I said I would probably pay $25 for it. The other fellow who wanted it said if I bought it and then didn't want it, he was going to penalize me and would only pay me $20 for it. But then he thought about it more and said he would pay me the full $25 if I didn't want the car.

I asked him about the jack and whether he thought it was safe. Another husky man walked up and said the jack was safe. He said he had numerous bolts in it which would hold it in place. But I was still uncertain about its safety.

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