Dream of: 04 March 1990 (2) "Room To Operate"

I was in a small room where I was going to be living, apparently in Athens. I walked across the length of the room to measure it off and found that it was 21 feet long. A bed was on one side of the room along with a rack for hanging clothes. I thought I might dispose of the bed and sleep on the floor. I might rearrange the room considerably so I would have more open room to operate. It was important to me to have a lot of room. I remembered the upstairs apartment where I had once lived in Athens and how much room I had had. I could arrange this room to have a like amount of space.

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do in Athens. Perhaps I would be studying. I felt rather restricted here and was unsure I was going to like it. A television was in the room and I wondered if I would be able to hook up cable to it. Surely with so many college students in the town, cable would be available. Mainly I wanted to watch Spanish and French programs on the television.

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