Dream of: 04 March 1990 "Circus Bears"

As I was sitting in the front room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I glanced out the front window and saw a red vehicle moving along the road on the other side of the creek, coming in the direction of the Farmhouse. I looked more closely, trying to see what kind of vehicle it was, and finally realized the rear part was a cage on wheels, in which was a bear, apparently used in a circus. To my astonishment, the cage somehow opened even as I watched, and a young bear jumped out, soon pursued by its much larger mother bear. Both bears were brown.

The bears' jumping out and running seemed rather comical to me, and I wondered whether the whole thing had been planned that way, and whether the bears were trained to act like that. I was uncertain. I thought it was possible if the bears came to the Farmhouse, the mother bear could be dangerous. The baby bear ran around for a while and finally ran up the front stairs straight toward the Farmhouse. When it reached the front door I thought about letting it in, partly because I thought the whole thing was an act and the mother bear wouldn't really come into the Farmhouse and hurt anyone. But just as the baby bear reached the front screen door, I decided not to let it in, thinking it might indeed be too dangerous.

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