Dream of: 03 March 1990 (2) "Emaciated Soldier"

A large level area which seemed inside a town or city was strewn with men some alive, some dead who had recently taken part in a battle during the American Civil War. The men were all Confederate soldiers and appeared to possibly be regrouping for the next attack from the northern soldiers. Soon a long line of northern soldiers on horses marched in to one side of the field and lined up about a meter away from a line of southern soldiers on feet. The two lines faced each other, pointed their rifles at each other, and on command, fired. The firing continued until it appeared that only one northern soldier was left on his horse. None of the southern soldiers appeared to be standing.


In an encampment of southern soldiers the winter had come. One weary, emaciated soldier had no shoes, and his bare feet were visible, even though the surrounding area was covered with snow.

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