Dream of: 03 March 1990 "Eternal Friendship"

I was with a fellow (probably in his late 20s) with whom I had become close friends. He had short black hair and was somewhat shorter than I. Together we had gone into a building which seemed like either a bar or restaurant, and had descended to the basement where tables were set up for customers in different rooms. While my friend waited outside one room, I entered and scrutinized the faces of several men standing and seated around a table.

One of the men on the other side of the table reminded me somewhat of Gerald Head (a Fort Worth acquaintance whom I barely knew). Next to him was a fellow who I knew sold marijuana. I quickly spoke to Gerald and asked him if the fellow had any marijuana for sale at the moment and Gerald indicated that he probably did. Although the fellow with the marijuana and I had never met before, he seemed to know who I was and I thought he might sell me some. I spoke to him and we shook hands. Without further delay, I made my desire to buy some marijuana known to him and I asked him if he had any. He indicated he did, and in fact he pulled out a baggie with a small amount of marijuana in it.

I took the baggie in my hands and looked inside. The substance was dark green and almost had the consistency of powder. I thought it perhaps had been mixed with something else and might be of low quality. I asked the fellow how good it was and he indicated that it wasn't extremely potent, yet would still suffice. I asked if he had some he could sell me.

He told me he had some other marijuana which he called "Thai" which was extremely good which he could sell me for $300 an ounce. I thought that sounded expensive, but not unreasonable. Thai marijuana was reportedly highly potent, and it would probably last me a long time. But I didn't want to spend quite that much money, and I asked him if he could sell me a weight half ounce for $150.

He seemed unsure, and indicated it might be possible, but not at the moment. Since I wanted to smoke some marijuana right now, I asked if he would let me roll a joint from the baggie which I was still holding. He said I could, a cigarette paper was produced, and I prepared to begin rolling.

At that moment, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall fellow with short black hair standing in the doorway. It seemed to me that he was spying on me and I thought he might be an undercover police officer. I immediately put the baggie of marijuana and the cigarette paper in the lap of the fellow who had given it to me, excused myself and left the building.


My friend (the black-haired fellow) was on a pay phone located on the outside wall of a building. Without his knowing it, I knelt down under the phone and listened to what he was saying. It quickly became clear to me that he was a police narcotics officer and that he had been trying to catch me with some illegal drugs. He was talking with someone else involved in the operation.

When I jumped up and confronted him, he hung up the phone. I was dumbfounded. I had felt so close to him and only recently we had made a pledge of eternal friendship to each other. Although I was terribly upset to learn that he was a narcotics officer, I still wanted to be his friend. I was finding it difficult to believe that all our friendship had been part of a trap. I thought that maybe we could continue being friends, and that I simply wouldn't use any drugs around him or tell him anything about them. But that idea also didn't seem workable to me. I was uncertain what to do. My thoughts felt quite confused.

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