Dream of: 27 February 1990 "Burglary Of A Habitation"

My father was telling me a story about my crippled uncle George. My father said that George was living in a rest home, apparently in northern Ohio, and that George had recently been convicted of burglary of a habitation. I had a hard time imagining how George had committed burglary, but my father explained to me that the burglary had taken place in the 1950s and that the case had just now been prosecuted. Apparently George had been arrested in the 1950s and put on bail, and therefore the statute of limitations hadn't run.

My father said that George hadn't actually committed the burglary himself, but that he had simply given directions to the fellow who had committed the burglary. But apparently that was enough evidence for a conviction. My father said the case had been over-looked for a long time, but then the police had begun conducting special investigations in the city where the burglary had been committed, and had uncovered the old case. The fellow who had committed the burglary was convicted, but he didn't have to go to jail.

I felt quite indignant about the whole matter. I knew that George couldn't even get out of his bed, and now he might have to go to jail. I wondered if there was someone I could go to, to try to prevent George's having to go to jail.

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