Dream of: 19 February 1990 "Rock And Fellkey"

I had just moved into a new office on the ground floor of an office building. I sat down at a desk and looked around. The office consisted of just one room, and was separated from someone else's office by a white partition. But the partition didn't go all the way to the floor and there was a space of about a meter from the floor to the bottom of the partition. I could see a woman sitting at a desk in the other office, and I knew I wouldn't be able to meet clients unless a wall was put in there.

A man walked out of a door in the back of the office and walked through my office. Somehow I realized the man was Sandy Koufax. I remembered that he had been a pitcher for a national baseball team years before, and that he had had one marvelous season when he had won many games. But after that season he had lost his pitching ability. He had been in the next room practicing throwing the ball. His pitches were way off. Although he clearly would never be a great pitcher again, I had the feeling he felt good that he at least had been good once for one season.

People began coming in my office and the neighboring office. Now something had happened to the partition and it was no longer there. The people, not realizing that I had set up office, were walking around and using the many phones which were in the next office. Clearly I wouldn't be able to tolerate this.

Finally Will Johnson (a Dallas acquaintance) walked in. I was surprised to see him. He sat down and told me he had been in a building across the street trying to cash a check but had been unable to do so. He showed me the check which was for about $140. It had some large letters across the front and he told me they stood for the name of the place he was working for. I asked him what the place was and he told me it was a convenience mart. It didn't seem like much of a job to me. I told him I didn't know why he was unable to cash the check but I said I thought he surely would be able to cash it later.

I remembered that Will used to smoke marijuana but that he had quit. I asked him if he had smoked any lately and he said he had. He described something call M-Two which he had recently smoked which apparently consisted of a mixture of different kinds of drugs. He said he had more which he was going to smoke tonight. That interested me immensely, because I thought I would like to smoke some too. I had decided it was all right to smoke occasionally and I was ready to act on my decision.

I was unable to continue talking about it because in the meantime more and more people had entered the office and it was now quite crowded. I decided the first thing I needed to do was call the management and complain about the situation. I was planning to run a law office here and I obviously wasn't going to be able to do so with so many people in the office.

I walked to the neighboring office which had a about a half dozen black phones on a desk, picked one up and tried to dial. But every time the phone was dead. Finally an attractive, blonde-haired woman (perhaps 30 years old) walked up to me and began talking. I quickly realized she worked in the office next to me. I was pleased with that realization, and I thought I would like to get to know her better.

Finally I got someone on the phone whom I knew. He asked me what I was doing in this building and I told him I was going to do some work for a law firm named "Rock and Fellkey." He seemed impressed. But I thought he thought I was working as their employee. I wanted to explain that I was just doing some freelance work for them.

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