Dream of: 11 February 1990 "El Greco"

I had returned to Portsmouth, Ohio and moved into a house which apparently belonged to someone in my family. I was in a bedroom which I was using. I looked around, thinking about how I would probably be able to stay here a while without problems. Some paintings were hanging on the walls. One looked like a large work of El Greco. The bottom of it was covered by another large painting. Several other paintings were hanging around the room.

I began recalling that I had lived in this house just nine months ago, but that I had left and gone to Europe. The stay in Europe had done me good. I remembered that before I had left, there had been some pictures hanging on the walls of some men, including my uncle George, and that for some reason I had been sexually aroused when I had looked at the pictures. Now that I had been to Europe, I had completely lost that feeling and felt as if I had been freed from some plague.

A couple fellows (probably in their 20s) whom I knew walked into the room, sat down on the bed where I was lying and spoke to me. They were friends I had known for a long time in Portsmouth. I began telling them about the experience I had had with the pictures of the men and how I had gotten over it. They seemed to understand what I was talking about. I also made it clear that I wasn't attracted to either of them, which seemed to set their minds at ease. It seemed strange to me that I had ever been attracted to the men in the first place. I was certainly glad it was over.

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