Dream of: 10 February 1990 "Fields To Plow"

I was with three other men – my grandfather Liston, my old friend Ramey and my friend Jon (Jon reminded me somewhat of Walls). Liston was perhaps in his 60s, while Ramey and Jon were probably in their 30s. The four of us were sitting around in what at first seemed like a wooded area, but actually turned out to be the interior of a large old house. We smoked a bit of marijuana which one of the fellows had and almost immediately I become taciturn and introverted. I thought how pleasant it might be if we had a camp fire around which the four of us could quietly sit and contemplate. I didn't want to talk with anyone at the moment; I really had very little to say to these people. Actually I was only with them for companionship; verbal communication wasn't even necessary. We communicated on a level which simply showed we were compatible and related to each other. But the feeling actually wasn't very good, because even though we were companions, I still rather longed for someone with whom I could truly communicate.

After we had smoked the marijuana, we relaxed. I stretched my legs out in front of me on the ground, and Ramey sat between my legs with his back to me. I thought about how I knew the others there, and I slowly realized they were all fairly important in my life. Their importance had been confirmed by their frequent appearances in my dreams. I had kept track over the years of people who had appeared in my dreams – over 300 different people. I also knew certain people had appeared more often than others in my dreams. For example my father and my mother, and my ex wife Louise had all frequently appeared. Ramey had also often appeared. I wanted to talk to him about it and I asked him how many people he knew.

I knew immediately that he thought my question strange, and that he didn't know how to answer. I wanted to explain to him how I kept track of the people who had appeared in my dreams, and how I therefore had somewhat of an idea of how many people I knew. I wanted to lead into how he was one of the more important figures in my life because he had appeared in so many dreams, but he didn't answer the question, and soon he appeared to have fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, my grandfather Liston stood and said he had to go plow some land out back. He left. Jon soon said he was going to go help Liston, and he likewise left. I certainly didn't want to go, and I gave leaving no thought. I also was sleepy, but after Ramey fell asleep, I stayed awake.

I soon noticed on a couch in the room a baggie which contained quite a bit of marijuana. I quickly picked it up and decided to take some. I dipped my right hand into the baggie, scooped out a handful and loaded it into my pocket. One joint was already rolled in the loose marijuana. At almost the same time, Ramey stirred and awoke. I picked up a Styrofoam cup, put some remaining marijuana in it, and quickly handed it to Ramey, suggesting we smoke more. He looked at me strangely; I thought he must have been wondering what his marijuana was now doing in a cup, but I didn't give him time to say anything. I quickly led him to the kitchen in the back of the house. I was anxious to begin smoking as quickly as possible.

As soon as we reached the kitchen, Ramey warned me that he thought he heard Liston returning. I quickly ducked into a large walk-in closet to hide the marijuana (I was now concerned Liston wouldn't approve of our smoking the marijuana). After setting the cup down in the corner of the closet, I saw the door had shut behind me. I heard Liston and Jon returning to the kitchen, and I picked up a broom – acting as if I had gone to the closet to fetch it – and I walked out of the closet. I looked out the back widow at the large field which Liston and Jon had finished plowing, and I said I was surprised they had finished so quickly. Jon said that was why he had gone to help. I was unsure exactly what Jon had done, but I was impressed that at least he had gone out there to help.

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