Dream of: 05 February 1990 "Peculiar Shapes"

I was driving a car in which two women (probably in their early 20s) and my uncle George were riding. Ahead of us we could see a range of mountains which we wanted to visit. Several mountains had peculiar shapes, including one which appeared to look somewhat like a flying saucer and had a long overhang. I drove and drove, but we didn't seem to come much closer to the mountains, and gradually the weather turned wet and foggy. I could hardly see where I was going. Finally we were driving in a town and it occurred to me that some of the mountains had actually been buildings.

I drove up a hill in the town and when I reached the top, I caught a red light. But when I put on my brake, I couldn't find my clutch with my left foot and the car started drifting backwards. The car crashed into the car behind us, and then continued down the hill crashing into many more cars. Finally we came to a stop, and I realized we were in serious trouble. I reached into my left pocket, where it seemed I had some kind of drug, but all I found was a $5 bill. I knew that was safe.

I was unsure what to do, but I knew I didn't want to be arrested. Plus it seemed as if George was wanted by the police for something, and if he were arrested he would probably never get out of jail again. So it would be better for him to try to escape. Somehow I managed to get the car moving and we continued backing down the hill until we had passed all the cars behind us. Still on the hill, I finally managed to stop, and we all got out and got unto what appeared to be an elevator. We took it to the bottom of the hill, where I thought we could try to quickly find a hotel and escape into a room. I carried George in my arms. I thought if we didn't have any money for the room, perhaps one of the women would know someone they could call to send us some money.

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