Dream of: 29 January 1990 "Espionage"

I was sitting near the front of a mathematics class which I was taking. At the beginning of the term I had been doing my homework, but then I had stopped. Now I had started coming to class daily without actually doing my homework.

The teacher was standing in front of the class. He was a slender man (probably in his 30s). As he asked the students questions, I thought how embarrassing it was going to be for me to have to say, "I haven't done my homework."

But I really didn't care. I had already gone to law school; I would probably say, "I've already gone to law school and I'm a lawyer and I don't really need this."

Instead of calling on me, however, the teacher called on a student in the back of the class. The fellow (who didn't look very intelligent) likewise hadn't done his homework.

I was now the only person in the classroom. As I looked out the window, I saw someone who I thought might be able to tell me what had happened to two of the fellows with whom I had been in prison with in Iran – Pat Tiahrt and John Burchill. I couldn't remember John's last name and I asked the fellow outside if he could remember. But he couldn't. He likewise was unsure what happened to Pat and John.

Someone in the classroom, perhaps the teacher, had given me a box which had a lid on it, and which contained an award for me for something I had done. I opened the box. I thought it was going to contain candy, and looking inside, saw two chocolate peanut clusters. But looking at the peanut clusters more closely, I saw what looked like rat dung on them. I thought it was quite disgusting rat manure was actually on the peanut clusters. I decided to take it back to the person who gave it to me.

First I found three little messages written on blue paper which seemed to be in the box. At first I thought they might be love letters. I folded the messages back in some tin foil and put them back in the box. I then took the box back to the person who had given it to me. Before I gave him the box, however, I suddenly realized the person who had written the messages had been engaged in espionage work, and that he had also written some other messages. I suddenly realized the messages which I had rolled up in the tin foil were very valuable. As the fellow and I stood in the hall of the school, I spoke to him about the messages, and I could tell he was quite interested. I thought I might be able to get some money out of him, and indeed he offered me $2,000. But I thought I should be able to get more, and I said, "No, no way I'm going to take $2,000."

I thought I might be able to get $10,000, and both of us said at the same time, "Ten thousand."

I then said, "I agree to that."

Almost immediately, however, I thought, "I should have asked for twenty thousand if he was willing to offer ten thousand so quickly."

I hadn't told the fellow I had the messages right here in the box, and I didn't give him the box. Instead I arranged to meet him somewhere to deliver the messages to him. I left him and began going down some stairs. Although I didn't realize it at the time, the school looked like Portsmouth High School. As I descended the stairs, on each floor I passed, I saw someone watching me. I realized the fellow upstairs had immediately called and had surveillance put on me.

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