Dream of: 28 January 1990 "Special Type Of Motor"

After a trip, I had returned to Portsmouth in a new car, apparently a Volkswagen, which was owned by my father. Before I had gone on the trip, I had left my car with my father and had taken his. The car I had left with him was the old green Nova I owned in 1982 and 1983. It looked as if the car was a 1979 model. I left my father's car at the Gay Street House and walked to the downtown area of Portsmouth. After walking around a while, I returned to the House, and saw many cars parked there. I was unsure, but I thought my father might have a business selling cars there.

One of the cars appeared to be a 1957 Chevy. The car's body sat high above the wheels. It looked as if it would be an interesting car to own.

Although my father and I hadn't been getting along well, I could still drive his car whenever I needed it. Nevertheless, I had decided to return his car and retrieve my own. I walked to the front porch, thinking I might want to work for my father for a while, because I was short of money at the moment. I heard my father inside and I walked inside into a room where he was seated. I asked him where my car was and he told me it was outside. He also told me he could sell my car for more than it was worth, if I wanted him to. I thought the car was probably worth $800-$900, but my father thought he could sell the car for twice that amount. He told me he thought the car had a special type of motor and he pulled out a book which had car values in it. But the book only had the values of cars from 1984 onward. However it was still clear from the book that my type of car with the special motor was worth a lot. My father showed me that just one part of the motor for this type of car cost $1,500.

I decided I needed one of these price books. I told my father I would like to determine the value of the car before I tried to sell it. I had the feeling he thought that would be the smartest thing to do and that I shouldn't be in a hurry.

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