Dream of: 22 January 1990 "Sam Malone"

I was driving down a road in Texas, thinking about how much I would like to return to Portsmouth for a visit. I hadn't been there for such a long time, and I particularly felt I would like to see my mother. I had been planning to go back in about three months, around April, to visit, but I began thinking I might just go back now for a weekend. Traveling to Portsmouth would be expensive, especially since I would have to take a bus from Columbus to Portsmouth and back, but I felt I needed to go. I even began thinking I might buy a car there to drive whenever I was in Ohio.


I was in Ohio, apparently in Columbus, and was trying to determine how to go about looking for a car to buy. I could only afford an old car that would cost about $300. And the trouble with buying an old car was that there was usually something wrong with it. That was usually the reason someone would want to sell it. Since I didn't yet have a car, I would need to go around by foot looking for one.


I was driving a car which I had either bought or was thinking of buying. My father was sitting on the passenger side of the front seat, and I began telling him how that in the past I had made money on almost every car I had ever bought.


I was at a small store in Kentucky on the other side of the Ohio River across from Portsmouth. I spoke with a lanky, black-haired man who, although I didn't realize it at the time, vaguely seemed Sam Malone (a character played by Ted Danson in the television series "Cheers"). We gradually began talking about the hills behind the store, which had recently had all the trees cut down from them. The man was upset and said he planned to sue the United States government for having cut down the trees. I became interested and began inquiring about what had happened.

The man spoke with an elderly woman in the store about the case and he spoke some words of Dutch to her. It seemed as if the company which had been responsible for cutting down the trees had been Dutch. The name of the company was Groesch. I determined that Groesch had been hired by the United States to cut down the trees. Now all that was left barren hillside with a few trees here and there.

I asked the man more about how he was going to proceed. He seemed unsure and I realized I could help him as a lawyer if I wanted to. It would be the kind of case I would feel good about working on. But it would take a lot of work, and I was already involved in other somewhat similar projects dealing with animals. I was unsure I would have time. But I felt like telling the man that he could depend on me to help, if he wanted.

We talked more about the case, and I gradually realized no one had thought much about the way the trees were cut down before it had happened, even though I imagined there had been articles about it in the newspapers. Now the company had done its work and disappeared.

I also began to realize that the man was the owner of the little store, and that he had prospered while the logging was going on. The loggers had spent a lot of money in his store while they had been working. We walked out back and I saw a large piece of concrete which has been laid for some reason with money earned from the loggers.

I was still trying to decide what to do. I looked across at the wooded hills which surrounded Portsmouth and thought that the government should be sued to prevent them from destroying more wooded areas as they had done with this one.

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