Dream of: 20 January 1990 (3) "A Church For The Lord"

remember the reason for living

As I drove through a city which seemed familiar to me, I passed a large red-brick church surrounded by several smaller buildings also constructed of similar red bricks. The old church, obviously closed down and derelict, piqued my interest. Impulsively I pulled my car behind the church onto some grass where a few other cars were parked. I hoped no one would mind my driving on the grass.

I immediately felt emotionally drawn to the old church. I wished there was some way I could fix it up. Maybe I could even buy it and convert it into some kind of museum. Or possibly it could even be renovated and once again serve as a church. Of course I wouldn't want it to be a Christian church. But Christian churches weren't the only kind of churches. What was important was that the church would be used for the "Lord." The word "Lord" didn't always carry a Christian connotation. For example, I recalled how some Hari Krishnas had bought an old Christian church in Dallas and had converted it to their own use. I wondered if I might be able to do something like that with this church.

Dream Commentary of April 3, 2015

Churches haunt my dreams like the Holy Ghost haunts my unconscious mind. Churches deprive me of peace. Like the Holy Ghost, they do not give me the absolute assurance of eternal life which my conscious mind desperately craves. Simply because the Holy Ghost lives within my soul, I still have no certain knowledge of another level of existence where souls continue to live after their bodies die. It is this knowledge of another existence which I have long hoped to find in my dreams. I have not. Nor have the dreams of others provided me with any such proof. It seems that knowledge of eternal life, more than knowledge of the Lord, is what I crave. And crave it I do. I continue more than ever to look for proof of eternal life in my own dreams and in the dreams of others. I wonder if any other internet dream-journalist is possessed by similar quixotic cravings for proof of eternal life. 

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