Dream of: 20 January 1990 "Images Of Sea Shells"

I found myself lying in a bed with Susan on my left and her husband Leland on the other side of her. It was morning and we had all just awakened after spending the night together in the bed. Susan was propped up looking at some papers, while Leland was still lying down. Susan's papers contained information about places to go on vacations. Apparently she and Leland frequently went on vacations, and she had compiled data to help her make plans. I thought she might let me use her information some day if I wanted to go on a vacation, even though I knew I probably couldn't afford to go to the places where they went.

I was only wearing a pair of white underwear. I wondered what would happen if I turned toward Susan and pressed my penis against her whether Leland would become angry. I thought he probably would. I thought if I were in bed like this with Jon and Cathy, Jon wouldn't become angry if I touched Cathy with my penis.

Finally I stood up, noticing I had an erection. I turned around so Susan was able to see it. When I looked again, my penis was actually sticking out the top of my shorts. I thought it might be going too far to let her see that, so I pulled my shorts up.

I looked around the room. I knew that we were in a bedroom on the second floor, and that this house belonged to the Leland and Susan. They had done quite a lot of work on it. A large gray rock, over a meter long, and about a half meter wide and thick, hanging on the wall, caught my attention. I looked at the rock more closely and saw sea shells embedded in it. Obviously Leland had found the rock somewhere, brought it here and hung it on the wall.

I looked more closely at the walls themselves -- it looked as if shells were all over the walls. I stood up on something and got close to the walls to see better. The walls had wallpaper on them and I seemed to remember that Leland and Susan had recently wallpapered the walls. Images of sea shells were all over the wallpaper, as if someone had taken the shells and pressed them against the wallpaper when it had still been wet. Although the shells themselves weren't on the walls, the images of the shells were.

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