Dream of: 17 January 1990 "Makes You Tremble"

I had been living in a home with some people, one of whom resembled Susan (a Dallas acquaintance whom I had known for many years). One morning I walked into the living room and found sitting there two women who lived in the house. I lay down on my back on the floor, uncertain what to say to them, feeling a bit uncomfortable by not speaking. When a small baby either walked or crawled over to me and lay its head on my hand, I thought the baby could be a subject of conversation if I needed something about which to talk. Before I could say anything, the baby pounded its head hard several times against my hand. Although the pounding didn't hurt me and didn't seem to hurt the baby, it certainly seemed strange.

When one of the women mentioned that Grierson was there, I recalled that Grierson (who had been about a year older than I) used to live across the street from me when I was in the seventh grade and living in Portsmouth. I hadn't seen or heard from him in many years, but I also immediately remembered the previous night I had had a dream about Grierson. I had even called him on the phone in the middle of the night, after the dream, and had asked him to come and visit me the next day. I couldn't remember exactly what had prompted me to call Grierson; I just remembered I had done so.

No one said anything else for a few moments, until I finally heard a knock at the door. Figuring it was Grierson, I got up to answer it. At the same time I looked around the room, trying to ascertain that I would remember the names of the two women if I had to introduce them to Grierson. One was named "Judy" and one was named "Pat." I repeated their names to myself several times as I headed for the door.

When I opened the door and saw Grierson (probably in his early 20s) standing there, I didn't invite him in; instead I stepped outside and shut the door behind me. I had stepped outside because Grierson had a can of some kind of drink in his hand and he appeared to be holding several more cans behind his back. I thought the drink might be beer and I didn't want the women inside to think I was drinking beer with Grierson. I quickly said to Grierson, "I don't drink anymore."

He replied, "I didn't think you did."

Grierson (who might have been wearing bib overalls) handed me a can of soda pop which he also had, and we walked away from the house toward a small wooded area. I felt a bit embarrassed for having called him in the middle of the night and having asked him to come see me. Although we hadn't seen each other in many years, he seemed calm, relaxed and unperturbed by my having called him. He seemed glad to see me and he acted as if everything were perfectly natural. I asked him what time I had called him and he said it had been around 5 a.m. I thought it was amazing that I could have done such a thing.

We sat down at a table among the trees. A phone being on the table, it wasn't long before I picked it up and began speaking on it with Pat Lang (an acquaintance with whom I had been corresponding regarding my dreams). I had never met Lang in person, but I had obtained her name from somewhere and had learned she was supposed to be a person well-versed in understanding dreams. I had recently been calling her once a week and discussing some of my dreams with her.

I was happy to talk with Lang about what was happening. Quite excited, I told her that Grierson was there with me, and that he used to live across the street from me. I told her of what had happened, how I had had a dream of Grierson in the middle of the night and had called him. I told her that I wasn't able to remember what had happened in the dream, but that apparently I had previously been thinking of calling someone in the night if I dreamed about that person.

When Lang asked me if she had ever given me her phone number in Cincinnati, I told her she hadn't. Apparently she had some family in Cincinnati which she sometimes visited. When she told me she was going to give me the number, I picked up a pencil to write down the number on a tablet lying in front of me. Before she began giving me the number, some numbers began appearing in my mind almost spontaneously without my thinking. When Lang said the first three numbers were "379," I was dumbfounded those were exactly the numbers which had been in my mind. At least I was positive the first two numbers had been in my mind, and it certainly seemed as if the last number had also been there. I immediately blurted out that those had been the numbers about which I had been thinking just before she had spoken. I felt truly shaken. I couldn't believe the numbers had been mere coincidence, but I couldn't rationally explain them. I said, "God, that just kind of makes you tremble."

Indeed, I did find myself trembling. It was as if a surge of energy had passed through me and I was unable to control it. I wondered what the next four numbers would be. I quickly guessed and tried to write 9090, but it looked as if I wrote 90990 instead. Shaken, I waited for Lang to speak again, but she said nothing; instead, I heard only silence on the other end. I almost felt like asking Lang if she were still there, but I didn't, because I was sure she was still there. Finally I realized she was using the silence to calm me. I thought her tact would probably work; so I remained silent too, still feeling the energy surge through me. As I began to calm down a little, I thought perhaps in the future we could try this same technique when we communicated by phone.

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