Dream of: 11 January 1990 (2) "Disappointing Art Magazines"

Early in the morning, another fellow and I had arrived at the door of a magazine shop. I didn't think the shop was yet open, but he pushed open the door and walked in. I followed him and we both first had to walk down a narrow staircase, because the shop was in the basement. As soon as we walked into the actual shop, he walked straight to a magazine rack which contained magazines of nude women. That was actually the rack I wanted to go to, but since he went there first, I began looking at some other magazines. I thought perhaps I would look at the comic section. Although I didn't realize it at the time, the fellow looked like Tim Gipson.

A short, portly woman (perhaps in her 40s) finally appeared behind the counter and I spoke with her. As we conversed I thought she must think I was a decent kind of fellow. But when the other fellow finally left and I walked over to the nude magazine rack, I wondered what she would think of me. But I decided not to let it concern me.

I looked over the rack and was disappointed to see that there appeared to be only one nudie magazine on the rack, and I already had a copy of it which I had bought about a week before. Instead of nude magazines, the rack contained mostly magazines about art. At the moment I wasn't at all interested in the art magazines in any way. I looked through the magazines hoping to find more nudie magazines, but I couldn't find any.

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