Dream of: 11 January 1990 "Defying Gravity"

While walking in a rural wooded area, I noticed a white frame building which appeared as if it might be a church. As I circled around to the back of the building, I could see perhaps twenty men and women (probably in their early 20s) inside. I was unsure what was transpiring inside, but I thought I would like to watch, and perhaps even participate. At the moment, however, I had a pressing need to urinate, and I sought out a large tree in back of the building. I stood behind the tree, extracted my penis and began urinating.

I had no sooner begun when a young man and woman literally danced out a door in the back of the building and began fast-dancing not far from me. Before I could collect my thoughts, a second young woman appeared (apparently from the building) and walked right past me. Without finishing, I quickly put up my penis and zipped up my pants.

The woman walked on by and went to the side of the building. Soon all the people from inside came out to where she was, and they appeared to be dancing. I decided I would like to join them. I walked over to where they were, but no one paid any attention to me and I just stood idly watching them.

I noticed one person standing close to me, and I decided I would demonstrate something to the person which I thought would be impressive. I bent up both legs behind me and grabbed my toes with my hands, so I was suspended floating in mid-air. I thought it was quite a feat, but the other person did not seem particularly interested. I remained stationary for a few moments hovering over the ground, relishing the enjoyable feeling of floating. I had practiced floating at different times in the past, but had perhaps never felt in such control of my floating abilities. I had no fear of falling and I felt as if I could probably float as long as I wanted.

I decided to begin moving as I floated, and I slowly began circling around the group. I let go of my feet and floated in several different positions about a meter off the ground. I floated on my stomach, on my back and in a seated position. I was thoroughly enjoying the exercise and I felt quite confident in my floating abilities. It mattered little to me that people seemed to be paying scant attention to me.

I returned to a stationary floating position near some people who now seemed to be taking some note of what I was doing. I raised myself perpendicularly upside down on my head in a floating position, which particularly seemed to impress them. It crossed my mind that some of the people might confuse me with Christ since I seemed to have these extraordinary powers. I hoped that would  not happen because I realized that although I had developed a skill at floating, I certainly was not Christ.

A fellow mentioned something about gravity and he seemed astonished that I was able to defy gravity as I was doing. For myself I realized that the scientific understanding of gravity was  not complete and that gravity was not an impediment to floating, if one simply knew how.

As it seemed the others were losing interest, I moved away and finally I felt it was time to land. Actually although I had been able to maintain the floating position for quite a while, I was uncertain just how much longer I could continue. So I touched down and landed. I then smelled my hand, thinking it had some odor from where I had earlier been touching my penis. I thought that the odor might have also interfered with my floating.

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