Dream of: 10 January 1990 "Beautiful Frogs"

As I was driving a car in which my wife Carolina was riding with me in the front seat, I noticed a tall, thin, funnel cloud at some distance from us, and I wondered if we were in any danger. I decided the best alternative would be to drive to the area where the funnel cloud had already passed, where I did not think it would return. Since I realized two or three funnel clouds appeared together sometimes, danger still existed that another one might hit in the same place.

I drove until I reached a small town which had obviously been hit by the funnel cloud. I passed by a grocery store which had been damaged. Windows were broken out so that merchandise was easily accessible to anyone who wanted to take it, but no one was doing so. It appeared no looting was going on in this little town.

Carolina and I stepped from the car, walked around, and looked at some of the buildings. We heard a siren; people began scrambling through the streets, rushing to buildings. The siren was obviously a warning that another tornado was approaching people were hurrying to seek shelter. I simply wanted to return to the car and drive away, but Carolina got caught up in the throng, and I followed her. We entered an old building which seemed made of large dark-reddish rocks.

Inside, Carolina and I became separated. She entered a room which appeared to be an auditorium where a film was apparently going to be shown. I entered another room. I waited until I thought it would be permissible to go back out, then walked into the auditorium to get Carolina. She seemed bored with whatever was going on in the room and quickly jumped up to come with me. Some other people also rose to leave and we headed for the door.

Just as we were about to exit, someone asked us if we had seen the show held downstairs. I did not know what they were talking about, but they praised the show so highly, I decided I wanted to see it. They said I had better hurry, because admission was apparently limited.

Carolina and I quickly descended some steps either inside or outside the building, and found ourselves standing among some people in front of the entrance to the show. A man perhaps 40 years old, dressed in black, was standing in front of the entrance, deciding who should be let in. He was thin and had black hair. In his hands he was holding some cards and doing something with them to determine who was going to get into the show.

Carolina and I quickly worked our way to the front of the crowd and stood in front of the man. He looked at us and jokingly said something about Carolina being my wife. When Carolina stated she actually was my wife, he looked astonished. He had only been joking when he had suggested Carolina was my wife, and had actually thought she might be my daughter. He looked at me and called me a name which seemed to indicate I was a rather lascivious character because Carolina was so young. I was unsure whether he was joking.

I was also unsure whether he was going to let us enter. He himself seemed uncertain whether he would permit our entry. Finally he held out the cards and explained we would have to pick the two cards off the top and no other cards. I had the feeling he did not think we would be able to do it, but Carolina quickly picked the two cards off the top of the deck without difficulty. When I tried, however, I could not seem to do it. The cards on top were smaller than the other cards in the deck, and that distracted me. He let me try several times, but each time I either picked more than two cards, or managed to pick cards other than the top two.

It appeared that time was running out, and that the man was going to stop allowing people to enter because the show was about to begin. Carolina and other people wanted in, and without warning, all the people, led by Carolina, pushed past the man. I walked along with the crowd, and the man did not try to stop us.

Inside we actually seemed to be in an outside, circular amphitheater. Practically no one was seated on the large, white rocks which were the seats. Grass was growing between the rocks; it seemed quite pleasant. As we looked for seats, it seemed as if we were floating over the rocks, finally circling in and settling on some seats in the second row from the front.

In the front was not a stage, but a large irregularly shaped pool of water. Seated not far from us near the pool of water was the very man who had been admitting people at the door. Now he seemed much more relaxed and friendly; he seemed completely unconcerned about our having forced our way in. He seemed to be seated or reclining as he began telling us of what the show would consist.

He said that he was going to make some frogs appear in the water in the pool, and that we could kill the frogs if we wanted to. I saw some objects begin to appear along the edges of the water, and I began to realize that the man must be a magician to make the objects appear like that. Carolina and I stood near the edge of the water; as I looked into it, I was amazed to see a wide variety of exquisitely beautiful frogs swimming toward us. They looked so beautiful, I just wanted to touch them. The man said we could. He explained that the frogs wouldn't try to get away from us and that we could do what we wanted with them. I sat down and when I saw one pretty little pale frog with bulging eyes close to me, I slipped my right hand into the water and dipped him out.

I was amazed. Soon I dipped out other frogs, green and black ones, all beautiful. I let them crawl on my arms and over my body. Carolina seemed reluctant to touch the frogs; I couldn't tell whether she was picking any up. I looked at the man, amazed that this was possible; he must be a great magician. I couldn't understand how this was possible. I could also not understand why anyone would want to kill the frogs.

Suddenly a larger, rather grotesque looking animal which didn't even appear to be a frog crawled out of the water and quickly tried to nestle in my crotch. It startled me; I thought it might try to bite me. I quickly knocked it away from me, and then realized that it liked the frogs and that it wouldn't harm me.

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