Dream of: 08 January 1990 "Missing Wing"

Carolina and I walked into a restaurant where we met a man and woman (each about 40 years old) and their two children (probably in their late teens). We all sat outside at a large round table.

Before we ordered our meal, the man and woman became angry about something and decided not to eat with us. I felt disappointed as they stood and with their children walked away from us to the other side of the restaurant. I followed them with my eyes, wondering if they were going to stay in the restaurant and eat by themselves; it looked as if they were.

Since Carolina and I were already here, I thought we also would just stay and eat. Carolina was sitting on the other side of the table. When I told her to come around and sit beside me, she did so.

Although the man was on the other side of the restaurant, I could hear him talking. He was saying that the area we were in reminded him of New England. I looked around and could see some tree-covered hills on one side, and a large flat area which looked like a football field on the other side. It seemed quite scenic.

Looking into the sky, I noticed the shadow of an airplane on the clouds. I continued looking at the shadow, amazed at how distinct it appeared, and wondered where the airplane actually was. As the shadow disappeared and reappeared several times, I pointed it out to Carolina. Suddenly the airplane itself appeared out of the clouds. It was a large silver jet plane, and looked very unusual. It appeared to be flying in a peculiar fashion; it took me a moment to realize that the plane's left wing was missing. I shouted out, "One of its wings is missing!"

The plane was obviously in serious trouble and about to crash. Suddenly it turned straight toward the ground and plummeted into a residential area, where it burst into a cloud of fire and smoke. By now Carolina and I were standing up, looking straight at the area where the plane had crashed. Thinking we should rush down to the plane, I hollered to her, "Come on! Lets go!"

Just as we started toward the plane, I remembered I had left my billfold lying on the table. As I turned to go back to get it, I said to Carolina, "Go ahead. I'll catch up."

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