Dream of: 06 January 1990 "Giant"

I was living in a rather small house with my father, my mother and perhaps my sister. I felt as if I had been cooped up in the house for a long time, and I was especially uncomfortable because I hadn't been communicating well with anyone else in the house, especially my father, with whom I rarely talked. Looking out through one window, I could see into the house next door, where a television was playing in the living room. I realized that my great-aunt Dorothy lived there and that she frequently watched television. If I wanted to, I could even sit in my house and watch the television next door.

I walked into the bathroom, where my mother was, turned my back to her and began urinating in the sink. Finished, I walked out, went into the next room and lay down for a few moments. I got back up, returned to the bathroom, and once again urinated in the sink. It seemed as if I must have drunk a lot of liquid to be urinating so much.

When I left the bathroom the second time, I suddenly realized what I needed to do. I had a nice black motorcycle in the garage which I hadn't ridden in a long time; I needed to take the motorcycle and go camping for a while. I just needed to get away from this house. I looked outside and noticed some people with a car, a father and several of his sons who apparently were also preparing to go camping. One son had a mattress which he apparently was going to try to fit into the car.


I was walking around in Dallas near the Crescent. I remembered having been there not too long before; but I was now astounded when I looked up and saw a gigantic structure had been built over top the Crescent and the surrounding buildings, including where the Law Office on Cedar Springs used to be. The structure seemed much like the skeleton of a gigantic building, perhaps 100 stories tall, stretching like an umbrella over the other buildings. However the structure was clearly not a building, but a work of art. Its only function would be aesthetic.

I wandered around, quite amazed at the immensity of the structure. Some of its girders, which looked more like gigantic, solid steel ropes, actually passed through some other buildings. I noticed just how small the other buildings looked in comparison to the gigantic silver structure.

Other people were also walking around on the sidewalk admiring the new structure. It seemed as if the structure had somehow appeared overnight. Already it was evident that the whole area would be turned into a tourist attraction, and that people would flock in from everywhere to see it. The attraction would certainly beat anything which Houston had to offer. What must the structure look like from a distance? As I wondered, I seemed to be lifted up, almost as if I were in an airplane being carried away from the structure. The higher I rose, the more I could see that up on top the structure was formed a large rectangle with the word "Giant" emblazoned in bold letters across its front.


Once again I was walking around in the area under the structure. It looked as if tourist shops had already been set up. I walked along one crowded street where it looked as if there were some shops. Suddenly, I saw sitting on the sidewalk outside one of the shops, a man who looked as if he were meditating. His back was to me. He was bald and wearing a beige robe. I guessed he was about 40 years old. I thought that I had heard or read about him somewhere and that he was a monk who taught people how to meditate. I thought I could just walk up and sit with him and begin meditating, but I thought I probably shouldn't do that out there with so many people around.

I thought however he might be able to give me some helpful instruction about meditation. I walked up to him so I could see him from in front. I was surprised to see that he wasn't meditating, but that he was eating something. Scattered on a rug in front of him were some items such as incense which he obviously had for sale. When I approached, he motioned to the items and muttered something unintelligible. He seemed as if he might be a bit senile. I walked on.


I was in an apartment in which Carolina and I were living in one of the buildings under the structure. I was wondering if the rent would go up now that the structure had been built. The door bell rang, and I knew it was going to be the landlord, Geraldo Rivera, coming for the rent. This was the first day of the month, and I was one month behind in the rent. I had the money in the bank, but I simply hadn't sent in the check yet. A bit surprised to think Geraldo was coming for the rent in person, I preferred not to speak with him. So I called Carolina and told her to answer the door and take care of the matter.

Before she went to the door, we quickly began picking up some things scattered about on the floor. On the kitchen floor was a mattress with covers which we didn't take time to pick up. I wondered why it was there, but I couldn't seem to remember.

I went into another room, while Carolina opened the door. She talked to Rivera, then came back to me to show me two checks which she had written for Rivera. She had written the checks incorrectly, and I could see I was going to have to re-write them. In the first place she should have only written one check. I took the checks and went back to see Rivera myself. He and I talked briefly about the rent, which was $350 a month. Plus there was a late fee of $18.50 for the previous month's rent. I told Rivera it would take me a few minutes to get it ready for him.

With Rivera was a woman who I thought was a cleaning lady. The two looked around, and somehow the subject arose of the other tenants in the building. Apparently some young people who were a bit eccentric were living here. I thought Rivera and the woman might also include me in that class, but I pointed out how quietly I lived and how I didn't cause any problems. They mentioned something about a couple who lived below and I wanted to know more. The woman apparently didn't want to tell me while Carolina was around, and said she would tell me later. I was curious.

Meanwhile Rivera walked outside. Through a window I could see him going up some stairs to a neighboring apartment. I thought I would write the check and have it ready when he returned.

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