Dream of: 01 January 1990 "Garage Door"

My father and I were visiting a house, probably in the Appalachian mountains, perhaps in Kentucky or West Virginia, where a poor family was living. An old man living in the house showed me a piece of termite-infested wood which he was apparently using for firewood to heat the house.


I was in a room with the woman of the house. She liked the room because her husband had built it. However he hadn't built the room perfectly. On one side of the room, instead of a wall, was a white garage door, which had been installed incorrectly because the husband hadn't known how to connect the electricity to the door. As I looked at the door, the husband walked in and explained that he hadn't understood the installation instructions for the door.

I told them I could install the door, and I proceeded to pick up some screws, bolts and tools. I arranged on the floor several different packages which contained parts for the door. I picked up a drill, which had a bent bit in it, and I had to stop to straighten out the bent. I hadn't expected my father to help me with working on the door, and thus I was surprised when he indicated he might help me. I certainly didn't object to his help.

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