Dream of: 30 December 1989 "National Geographic"

I was living in the Gallia County Farmhouse with Jon and Cathy, who owned the Farmhouse. One day Jon said he was going alone to a pond to fish. I thought there was something suspicious about that, because Cathy and I had been having a sexual relationship. I thought that Jon suspected something was going on, and that he now intended to kill Cathy and me. I thought that Jon was simply going to drive his car the five kilometers to the pond, and that he then would return with a rifle to the Farmhouse and kill Cathy and me. Then he would go back to the pond.

Finally after Jon left, I immediately told Cathy what I thought was going to happen. I told her she should leave with me. I also told her that if she left with me, she wouldn't be able to stay with me, because I didn't want to have a relationship with her anymore. I simply didn't want Jon to kill her. But Cathy didn't believe Jon was going to return and do anything to us, and she didn't want to leave with me.

As I began putting my things together in order to leave, I suddenly saw something like a shadow outside the window. I told Cathy something was outside. When I looked again, I saw only the dogs outside. Nevertheless, I was still sure Jon was going to return and try to kill us.


I was sitting down and writing to National Geographic about what was happening between Jon, Cathy and me. My mother was nearby watching me write.

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