Dream of: 27 December 1989 "La Perra"

Driving a car in an area which seemed to be between Portsmouth and the Gallia County Farm, I suddenly ran out of gas. I got out and began walking along the road, looking for a house. After walking and walking, I suddenly realized I should have gone in the other direction. I turned around and walked back to the car, where I now saw several houses near the car. I walked up to one house, which appeared to contain a store, and I went inside. First I saw several things which appeared to be for sale, then finally I encountered a woman.

I explained that I had run out of gas and I asked her if she had any. She told me she didn't, but she knew of someplace where she could go and get some. She told me she would charge me five dollars per gallon. Although I knew that was exorbitant, I told her I would pay it.

I was also carrying three fishing rods, with their hooks dangling in the air. The rods seemed to belong to my father. As I began securing the hooks to the rods so they wouldn't hang in the air, I told the woman I had intended to use the rods to obtain the gasoline. But now I realized such an idea was ridiculous, because there was no container on the fishing rods to hold the gasoline even if I caught it. I felt a little silly when I told her what I had intended to do.

After I had put down the rods, the woman and I began walking and walking through the gigantic house. Gradually I began to realize that in some part of this large house was a secret which I could search out a secret which seemed to have something to do with some dogs. When I had the chance, although I knew it was prohibited to search alone in the house, I slipped away from the woman and began walking alone through the house, ever more strange and exotic. I hoped I would find what I was seeking before the woman realized I had left her.

I ascended some stairs, and then saw more stairs going up, which I didn't take. I began walking down a long hallway, at the end of which I could see a mirror. Suddenly I became lucid and realized I was dreaming. I immediately wanted to try harder to remember everything which was happening to me, so when I awakened I would be able to remember it and write it.

I continued walking toward the mirror until I was able to look right into it. I couldn't see myself, but I wasn't surprised, because I realized this was a dream. But just as I was moving away from the mirror, I looked again and was able to see my face. I didn't dally at the mirror and I quickly moved on to a room just to the left of the mirror.

In the room everything looked quite new and clean. I suddenly thought I might be able to find here what I was seeking. I realized I was looking for some mysterious dogs, but it now occurred to me I might be able to find a girl about 16-17 years old instead. Since I was dreaming, I thought I might just be able to invent the girl and possibly have sex with her. Actually I thought that would be a distraction from what I should be doing. But I began imagining the kind of girl I would invent. She would be very pretty and would have black hair.

A bureau and a bed were in the room. The bed had a cover on it and I could see the form of a body beneath the cover. I knew it was the girl under the cover. I began walking toward it. But I began thinking if I pulled the cover back, perhaps I would encounter a monster instead of the girl under the cover. I didn't know if I had enough control of the dream so a girl would actually be under the cover.

I walked over, pulled back the cover and there discovered a very pretty black-haired girl. I began talking and talking with her. I knew I was searching for the dogs. But right now I simply wanted to put my arms around her. Suddenly it occurred to me how I could end the dream. I thought the girl could turn into a dog. I told her I was looking for the dogs, and she answered that she was "la perra."

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