Dream of: 25 December 1989 "Party Guests"

My wife and I had invited some friends to our house for a party. The guests included Cox (a former junior high schoolmate) and his wife. When I spoke with Cox, he told me he had some cocaine which he was going to bring. Since some of my guests didn't use drugs, I didn't think that would be a good idea.

Cox and his wife decided to come to the party in their car with Mr. and Mrs. O'Rourke (legal clients). I thought that would be a good idea, because if they wanted to use cocaine, perhaps they would do it before arriving at the party.

Meanwhile, I began cleaning the house, which was quite messy. I began cleaning a large room which I almost never used. In the room I had stored some things which didn't seem valuable. I began sorting through a stack of old magazines stored in a corner.

Finally Jon and Cathy arrived. I hadn't seen them in a long time. Cathy began speaking about her new friend, Goodspeed. She said she had some problems with him, but she couldn't talk about them at the moment. It appeared clear that Jon had had an argument with Goodspeed.

In the rear of the room were some sliding glass doors. Jon began speaking with someone on the other side of the doors. It appeared that Jon was saying that he had to leave. Jon and I then walked outside to see what was going on. Apparently some people out there had found a wounded animal which they had brought to us for help. They placed the animal on the ground and left. At first I thought it was a rabbit, but then the animal jumped to its feet and I saw that it was a white dog. It ran and ran around the yard. I tried to catch it, but instead grabbed another brown animal. At first I thought it was a rabbit, and reflected that I had never caught a rabbit in my hands. But it was very dark and I couldn't clearly see the animal. I thought perhaps it was a mouse. I finally put it down and it scurried back into the grass. I noticed that there were many similar animals in the grass.

Finally I walked back inside to talk with Jon. He told me he didn't want Dixon (a Weatherford lawyer) to come to the party, and he wanted me to call Dixon and tell him not to come. I now thought it was Dixon instead of Cox who was using the cocaine. In reality I didn't want to call Dixon, but since Jon was so adamant, I called him on the telephone.

Dixon seemed normal on the telephone and I couldn't detect any sign of drug use. I told him the weather was bad and I was going o cancel the party. But at the same time I told him he could come if he wanted to. I then hung up the telephone.

I returned to Jon and was surprised to see that he had some cocaine on a mirror in front of him. He had a line of coke ready and he said it was for me. He also called me "Big Boy." I looked at the cocaine and was almost ready to use it. But suddenly I remembered that I had had dreams about similar situations, and that I had regretted it when I had used cocaine in the dreams. I told Jon I didn't want to use the cocaine. I felt very good when I said that.

Jon didn't care much. He divided the line up into five parts and began snorting up each pile straight off the mirror.

In my hand I had a rolled-up piece of paper which I handed to Jon. He used the paper to scrape together some of the cocaine. Suddenly I realized the paper had been part of an envelope, and that it might have some glue on it. Jon looked disdainfully at the paper. I thought I ought to look for a razor blade which he could use to scrape up the residue of powder.

I mentioned to Jon that he had once told me about a man who only needed as much cocaine as Jon had offered me in order to start an important project. It seemed strange that Jon had offered me so much cocaine.

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